Two witty twins advise boys and girls with their problems in their own talk show.

To achieve this, they will use their imagination and their crazy experiences to learn together.

DURATION: 12 X 7” T1






In each episode, Hoki and Poki receive a letter from a boy or girl with problems.

And they will find the answer in their show.

Energetic, creative and all-rounder

Wants to be right, to be in authority and to be in control of situations.

She believes that adults were never children. She feels misunderstood, so she wants to help children with their problems. But this always brings funny consequences in the way of learning.

Calm and thoughtful, artistic side.

Calm and thoughtful, Poki always finds the posi- tive in difficulties, which leads him to relax too much. With a great musical talent, Poki makes catchy songs from the things he learns. In this program he invented with his sister, this 7-year-old boy seeks to exploit his facet as an artist...

A more self-centered child.

He is a somewhat fearful child. This brings him complications because he thinks that, at birth, Hoki took away his bravery, because Hoki is brave for both of them. Anyway, in the chapters he will discover that thinking things twice helps him in finding simple solutions to big problems of his friends and neighbors.

The children tell their problems through drawings because most of them do not know how to write yet.

Some drawings are very difficult to interpret.

When the letter arrives, Hoki & Poki place it in the letter-eating machine that translates the children's drawings into poetry or songs.

Clear on the problem, Hoki and Poki look for crazy imaginary solutions but always end up asking the audience for help.

For example:

Maurice is about to turn 3 years old, is very small and is afraid to go down the toilet.

Hoki & Poki will help him, remembering the methods they used to go to the toilet in their first attempts.

My puppy went to puppy heaven

Joaquin's parents told him that his pet had gone to puppy heaven. Joaquin doesn't understand, his pet was happy playing on earth.


I don't want the tooth mouse roaming my pillow!

Carla is about to lose her first baby tooth. She has a phobia of mice and can't stand the thought of the tooth mouse visiting her.

I can't stand my brother

Hoki and Poki receive letters from two quarreling siblings, but inadvertently switch places with each brother due to their own problems.

The twins must resolve their conflicts as the bond between siblings prevails.

Hoki and Poki is a unique tool

to encourage communication.

Every fear is valid and we can help you!